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learn to practice is a theory developed over time by jason wulf using his own personal challenges as inspiration; watching so many people struggle in the water, either by learning to swim or trying to swim more efficiently. jason lived a life that he felt was one battle after another; his weight, the passing of his father, and other life battles. ultimately he realized he needed to learn to practice what was good in his life, one small piece at a time by over emphasizing focal points. jason poured this idea into teaching people how to swim more efficiently through his new ebook, "learn2practice"

jason wulf

jason's career as a swim coach began after he finished his first ironman over 11 years ago. finishing his first ironman was not about completing one of the worlds most daunting events, but for more about getting his life back. he learned to practice in all areas of his life, and with that jason, was able to pass this knowledge on to others and help them learn to practice to become more efficient in the water. jason's passion is to give everyone the opportunity to learn to practice and be able to find their full potential in the water. jason is an AFAA Certified Personal Trainer and has worked as a USAT Triathlon Coach over the past 11 years. he has coached 1000s of athletes from every walk of life; from grandmothers to olympic hopefuls and first time swimmers. jason currently personal trains athletes at the YMCA of Greater Des Moines in Iowa.

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